Good Practice Guide for Coaches and Trainers

Author: Centre for Multicultural Youth Issues

Coaches and Trainers Australia

Good Practice Guide for Coaches and Trainers

This Good Practice Guide is designed for coaches and trainers conducting sport and recreation sessions with young people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds.

Young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds are often enthusiastic about sport and recreation and enjoy 

the opportunity to participate in a supported and structured environment. The following pages are designed to provide information to coaches, trainers and volunteers delivering sport and recreation programs for young people from migrant or refugee backgrounds.

As a coach or trainer you already have excellent skills in working with all groups - so don’t be afraid to use your knowledge and experience when working with this target group. 

While this resource is specially directed towards young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds, the strategies that we have suggested apply to any group and are an integral part of general coaching practices.

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