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life coaching

I have been struggling to "find myself" and feel a little lost , will life coaching help me ? if so, how ? and what are some examples of what we will be doing ??

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Asked by: Bill Johnson Life Coach Answers: 0


Can somebody explain to me the point of LinkedIn and how you can use it effectively to increase business?

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Asked by: John S Business Coach Answers: 0

Life Coaching on Central Coast

Is a life coach who I need to speak to? I am feeling like I have lost my purpose and need to find my direction. I don't really know who to turn to other than someone like a life coach or counsellor.

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Asked by: Margi Life Coach Answers: 3

I Need a Personal Trainer

I am soooo unfit. I am also not particularly motivated if left to my own devices. I need a personal trainer to kick my arse into shape, literally!

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Asked by: Belinda Personal Trainer Answers: 0

Public Speaking Coach

Where can I go to learn to be better at public speaking?

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Asked by: Barry Public Speaking Coach Answers: 3

Coach for Startup Business

I want to start a business but have been advised to get some advice from a business coach first. Can anyone help me?

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Asked by: Marty Business Coach Answers: 4

Need To Lose Weight For Wedding

I need to loose weight for my wedding in September of this year, has anybody got any tips without me having to sweat it out in the gym everyday? Not sure if I should be talking to a personal trainer (that would be the sweating part) or a weight loss coach, any advice would be appreciated!

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Asked by: Lisa Weight Loss Coach Answers: 2

Business Coach in Sydney

I am looking for a business coach or adviser in Sydney who can help me build my business to the next level, can anyone recommend somebody I could approach?

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Asked by: Jodi Business Coach Answers: 4

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