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6X Training
Join The Best Personal Trainers in Maroubra
171 Maroubra Road, NSW 2035, Maroubra
(02) 8084 0880
4 Personal Training Sessions for $97 Unlimited Max8 Groups for $97 OR BOTH FOR $194.
Join The Best Personal Trainers in Maroubra
Whether you’re looking for fat-loss or fitness join the best Personal Trainers in Maroubra, at 6X Training. Our fitness studio is dedicated to personal achievement and offers customised fat-loss and specific fitness programs. Over the years the personal trainers at 6X Training have been regarded as the best – professionally and personally. They remain this way and received immense job satisfaction from seeing satisfied customers, time and again. Our trainers provide you with full food and nutrition advice, including nutrition plans and recipes for tasty healthy meals to keep you on track. At 6X Training you don't just learn how to lose weight, you receive life transforming results that direct you to a healthy lifestyle accompanied with great energy levels.

"The decision to start training was when I realised that I was living an unhealthy lifestyle and it was time for a big change. I was eating too much fast-food, drinking every weekend and not training. I'm now 22 and feel like I want to train all the time! This encourages me to eat better and go further with my results. I now have knowledge about nutrition and training combined which allows me to make informed decisions and maintain my results even when not giving the 100%. I started at 25% Body fat and have now reached my first milestone of 12%. My next goal is to get below 10% Body Fat." David Short.
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